Nefesh JoyKestra

Nefesh JoyKestra is a vibrant and enchanting group of select musicians, dedicated to bringing a special repertoire of songs from the people’s soul music of the world.

Violinist and vocalist Michelle Alany moved to Austin after being welcomed by its musical vibrance. Nefesh JoyKestra was born on her first Austin birthday, especially as a vehicle to showcase her voice and select repertoire and unique arrangements of traditional and original songs.

While specializing in Pan-Mediterranean folk repertoire, Balkan, Roma (Gypsy) and Global Jewish Roots, Michelle and her band can deftly move from a haunting ancient melody into a foot-stomping 2-step country hit from Texas, then gracefully present a French Chanson, seamlessly sliding into a Klezmer Hora, all the while steeped in the musical world of “Nefesh”(soul). The core band is comprised of special musicians based in Austin, Santa Cruz/Bay Area, and Brooklyn.
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